North Texas SB 45 -  Feb 2 to Feb 6, 2011
Super Bowl 45
SB 45 Events
Walter Briggs, founder of WB Brand Cigars put together a great weeklong series of events for the week of Super Bowl 45. Walter and several of his NFL buddies were h eadquartered out of Bon Ton Roule Premium Cigars and Lounge at 6500 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, Texas 76116. They sent the cold week enjoying great WB Brand Cigars, pulling up a seat and visited with several NFL fans and Cigar smokers. We were glad to see everyone there.
Jim Kelly, Walter Briggs, and Jim McMahon at a Super Bowl Event
WB Brand Cigar Events for Feb 2 thru Feb 6, 2011
Casual Evening at Bon Ton Roule
Noon to 6 – Bon Ton Roule
7pm to Midnight - Millennium ICE Super Bowl Event – Dallas Love Field
Noon to 6 – Bon Ton Roule
7pm to 10pm – Ron Jaworski (Jaws) Cigar Charity Event
10pm to 12pm – Bon Ton Roule
Noon to ? - Bon Ton Roule

Thanks to Everyone at Bon Ton Roule' Premium Cigar in Fort Worth Texas
10am to 1pm Kenny Cole Salon & WB Super Bowl Brunch
1pm to 9 pm Leigh Steinberg 25th VIP Super Bowl Party
5pm to 9pm Perfectos Cigars Arlington – WB Cigar Event
7pm to 10pm Jim McMahons Swang-N-Super Bowl Bash with Gene Simmons from KISS

The Big Game Watching Party with Walt and his NFL Buddies at Bon Ton Roule

Pictures from Walter's Super Bowl Adventures.
Stuart Osantowski, Sean Peyton, and Walter Briggs at the Jaws Charity Event
Rocky Patel and WB at the Jaws Event
Walter Briggs and Jim McMahon at a Super Bowl Event
Stuart Osantowski, John Ost, Louis Lipps, Walter Briggs, and Johnny Kovar at the Bon Ton Roule Cigar Event