Walter Briggs, WB, is pleased to announce that he has developed a premium line of cigars, hand rolled in the Dominican Republic. This Premium Cigar Line is composed of Mild, Medium, and Full bodied, fine blend, great cigars, not a good cigar, but an excellent cigar. These cigars come in box sets and in sample packs for your smoking enjoyment. While they are not cheap cigars, they are reasonably priced for the high quality cigar, better than most cigar store prices, even when cigars on sale, the selected cigar may not be the best cigar and certainly not the cigar of NFL Quarterback of the New York Jets, NY Jets, and the Jets cigar if you will. Walter also enjoys all the sexy, hot cigar girls, who all enjoy sitting around smoking cigars with other sexy gals. All the hot woman, women enjoying a tasty cigar, the mild cigars, medium cigars, full body cigars, New York Cigars, NY Cigars, simply the best premium cigars around. I love cigars, you love cigars, we all love cigars. Buy a WB Brand Cigar today.
All About Walter "WB" Briggs

Walter “WB” Briggs, former New York Jet’s Quarterback, is launching a new hand-rolled cigar retailer.  Walter strives to bring famous celebrities and people from all walks of life together with his premium line of custom blended cigars to create unique cigars for every cigar smoking celebrity. He intends to use his knowledge, experience and talent to help shine a new light on premium cigar products and develop "Premium Cigars for the discerning customer."

A man of noble character, Walter has established himself through a unique blend of versatile abilities, derived from artistic and athletic achievement, complimented by a sound educational background with a degree in Fine Arts form Montclair University.

Walter Briggs is a former professional football player. As a quarterback, he has played with several teams including the New York Jets, British Columbia Lions, Scranton Wilkes Barr Stallions, and the Barcelona Drags. Walter has a professional affiliation as a member of the National Football League Players Association.

Walter’s performance background includes a series of Broadway stage and motion picture credits that include Taps and a co-starring role in the major picture, All the Rights Moves, starring Tom Cruise. Having made numerous appearances for ESPN sports, NBC TV-NFL Live, Fox News, Hard Copy,  Sports Forum, WXIN Fox 59 and the nationally syndicated show Daily Buzz, Walter is also no stranger to broadcast television.

From 1999 to 2004, Walter was the host of the Dayton Dragon’s Baseball Team, which is the AAA Affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds Professional baseball team.  Walter looks forward to the future with a broad outlook on his new production company that will be producing a vast amount of stage and screen productions already in the works.

Walter is presently the owner of THE WB AND ME LLC, which is the parent company of WB Brand CIGARS and Mogul Celebrity Golf Challenges.
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Walter "WB" Briggs
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